Apr 9, 2014

My Bucket List (normal version)

[Requested post]
Bucket list are suppose to be crazy right? Idk how will any of these sound crazy but I'm sure these are the things I'd wanna do before I die.

1. Travel the world
2. Buy an apartment
3. Buy a chio car
4. Skinny dipping
5. Skydive
6. Volunteer in some sort of charity work
7. Build a snowman with real snow
8. Watch a football (rugby) game
9. Get married
10. Get a pet dog
11. Attend a ball
12. Food fight
13. Go on a cruise
14. Learn to play a song with an instrument
15. Go to disneyland
16. Go on a theme park date 
17. Learn how to play xbox/playstation/cod/lol/l4d
18. Drunk dancing
19. Go helmet diving
20. Ride in a sports car
21. Dye my hair a unique colour
22. Make a scrapbook of my travels
23. Full body hair removal
24. A photoshot with my bff
25. Be a part of a fashion show

That's all I think. I'll be doing another version with tumblr bucket list photos cause as far as I know, tumblr has great bucket list ideas! 


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