Apr 5, 2014

5 Things I cannot live without + Bonus

Actually, I think there are many things (note that things are non living things, so people and God don't count) I can't live without. But these are the top 5:

1. Laptop. Cause I don't really watch TV anymore. Everything watch online hahahaha
2. My phone lah duh tell me which teenager can go anywhere without their phone? 
3. Food omg I'm a terrible glutton. 
4. Money. You can't really do anything without money. Right?
5. Clothes & apparels that I like. These are really important to me. Cause I really like fashion and I dont anyhow wear anything out. I'd be in a foul mood for the entire day if I dont like what I was wearing that day.

5 things that I would want to rescue if my room is on fire:

1. My laptop bag. Because inside are all those important stuff that I bring out every time I go out (to school, I mean). Like my laptop, duh, my phone, my wallet and keys. That is if I happen to not clear out my bag lah.
2. All my photos. Polaroid photos, baby photos, class photos etc cause once these are gone, they can never be retrieved ):
3. Polaroid camera. OMG sao important k
4. Xiao Pink (my polka dot bunny) & baobei (eeyore)
5. Some clothes, err or undergarments hahahhaa I need something to wear right?

Ok, that's all for now.
Will be back again :D
Till then, do feel free to drop me a question or request on ask.fm at the side ^^

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