Aug 10, 2014

Happy 3rd Anniversary!


Goodness gracious me. It's another year again! And I haven't showed my face here for quite some time. HAHAHA. SELFIE BLOCK. All my selfies look damn ugly idky ):
Tbh, I have been so busy I really haven't noticed that it's 10th August again until my phone sent me a reminder wishing myself happy anniversary, which is the 3rd anniversary of this blog! OMG. Time sure flies~~~

*throws confetti, flour and whipped cream*

Anyway, I wanna thank alllllll of the supporters of this blog, whether you have left any footsteps or not, I still love all of you who loves me and supports me and encouraged me. Last week I had been at the lowest point of my blogging life and I had really wanted to give up. Thankfully, you guys (and girls, ofc) gave me lots of encouragement and told me not to give up, telling me you love my blog and all the nice stuff. I'm really really touched and appreciate it a lot, cause *sings* for the first time in forever~ I truly felt that I'm not alone. I'm not talking to myself. I have people right behind that screen checking up my blog, following me, laughing at what I say, kaypoh concerning about my life and stuff. Even if you don't like me, you're here! Reading every word I say.
I know I haven't been the best blogger recently, I promised blog posts but still haven't post them up yet, I promised weekly post but I never really went around doing it. I gave reasons of being too busy and stuff when the truth is, I'm having blog block. You know, wanting to blog but not knowing what to blog, then you just keep postponing until I felt like you need to type something and in the end you give shit quality and eventually just delete everything. Or like, you have something you wanna blog about but then you have no time to blog so in the end you just forget about it.

But, you all never gave up on me, I still have reads everyday, every time I check my stats, it's about 80+ and tbh, I'm really surprised cause I haven't update anything but you guys still kept coming to check up on me. See if I have anything new, which makes me quite guilty sometimes...
So, to show my gratitude to all followers/readers for sticking with me throughout this whole blogging journey, and also for the nice comments I got for the past weeks, I'd like to hold a giveaway! Do you see this,



I've been wanting to hold a giveaway since last year but then I couldn't decide what and when to give. So as time goes by, the idea went away and I totally forgotten about it. As I was typing this post, the idea suddenly came back to me like 'EUREKA!' This is the perfect time to bribe give back to my lovely readers/supporters/followers!!! Especially after receiving so much love from you guys for the past few weeks. I felt as if I need to do more than just type on my keyboard. I want to do something for you all, I want to connect to you guys.

there is one huge problem here.

I haven't decide what to give ):

So I thought, hmm, maybe you guys would like to tell me in the comment section below, what kind of stuff would you like to receive?

Update: you all ahhh think i'm super rich ah can give iphone ferrari and those stuff -.- I also want them for myself lah... my budget is about $10/RM25 lah! I'm not very rich so please dont judge my budget ): Yes, I'm holding a giveaway but pls dont 敲诈 me leh!!! Also, after I finalized the gift, I will tell you all what is it, how to win and how many people will get (depending on how many people participate). 

Personally, I would like it to be something personal to this blog, like a 'fan merchandise' kind of thing. Of course, I am in NO WAY SAYING I HAVE FANS OKAY!!! I AM NOT AS VAIN AS THAT TO THINK I HAVE FANS PLS DONT MISUNDERSTAND MY WORDS. I prefer the term readers since you are really just reading stuff. ok, as I was saying, I'd like the gift to be like something you see and you'll remember me kind of thing... If you get what I mean, do you? Ok, you probably get what I mean.

But that's what in my mind. If you don't like the idea, please feel free to tell me what would you like to receive okay!!!

I'll be checking the answers in a week, if no answers by then, I'd decide on my own okay!

T&C: Available for SG & Malaysia only!

(extra hugs and kisses today cause it's my anniversary!)


  1. Iphone6 pls~~~~~ \(^.^)/

    1. wah 你很看得起我hor! thank you ah, it'll be great if i got money buy iphone6 of you all cause it means that i'm really rich hahaha

  2. Bored: wow giveaway! Haha a Ferrari will be enough!^^

    1. This one also one kind tsk tsk. Want ferrari? Can! I go toy shop buy one for you hahaha

    2. Bored: I want a real one HEEEE

  3. I wan u as giveaway kekeke

    1. Can I participate too? Im your No.000001 fan since you cam to this world
      I want more macarons!!!

    2. awww so sweet but sorry, giving you myself is way way waaaaay too over budget

    3. Emily mai sampat ~.~ nak macaron, holiday come my place and we try again hahaha xoxoxo