Aug 20, 2014

Another fangirl post - SHINee

Been so busy that I haven't really been taking notice of the new songs and music and shit. Didn't even know that Taemin has solo songs now!!!

MY BABY TAEMIN ISALL GROWN UP T_____________________T

If you didn't know, SHINee was actually the one got me into the kpop fandom forever (ok lah, at least until now) Why was I even watching in the first place was I needed a song to dance to. I'm too lazy to choreograph so I was searching for a song with dance to learn. Looked at SHINee's Hello and I'm stuck. Jonghyun smiles and I was a goner. 

Watched all their music videos and DAMN. I'm officially a shawol.

Then I heard about this show 'Hello Baby' from a friend of mine which was is also a huge huge huge shawol. Watched all the episodes and my bias went from Jjong to Key then Onew then Taemin then back to Jjong and Key then JongKey then now officially Key. HAHAHHAA

Sorry, never really liked minho :x so cannot say im shawol. sorry. 

The only I regret for SHINee is that I have never ever seen them live, yet.
I was gonna have final exam soon when they had they concert in sg then the next year, I was having spm when SMT Concert was held in sg. AND I ALREADY SAW SUPER JUNIOR TWICE.

So, I've made up my mind, I HAVE TO SEE SHINEE ONCE. 

I can give up Super Junior just to see SHINee, given that I have already seen them before. I'd miss eunhyuk so so so so so so so so so much though but seeing my first love? Totally worth it.

ok end of fangirl story kthxbai

No one is joining the giveaway! If no one joins, I'd probably be just cancelling it ): haih

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